Advantages of User Stories for Requirements

At the surface, user stories appear to have much in common with use cases and traditional requirements statements. However, there are many subtle differences among them and many advantages to user stories, especially for agile development projects.

What’s Holding You Back?

I was honored to be the guest editor of a special issue of Better Software magazine that was focused on agile software development. This is my introduction to the issue (July/August 2004) in which I discuss looking for the one constraint that is holding back your project and how agile has shown us new places to look for (and eliminate) constraints.

Writing User Stories - Questioning Your Users

Let's face it, most people don't know what they want. Most of us just “know it when we see it.” This article gives you the tools you need to elicit real needs and hidden requirements from your customers.

Want Better Software? Just Ask

This article presents very specific advice on seven things a product owner or customer can do to get better software from his or her development team.

Toward a Catalog of Scrum Smells

This article was written for the Scrum Alliance soapbox. It presents an initial collection of Scrum smells or indicators that things may be amiss on a Scrum project.

Introducing An Agile Process to an Organization

The transition from a plan-driven to an agile process affects not only the development team members, but also other teams, departments, and management. In this article we describe common pitfalls and effective approaches to making this change.

Configuration Bugs that Bite

Over the years we've come up with many useful database development techniques. This article describes two we use to make sure that an application and its intended database stay synchronized.

The Need for Agile Project Management

Ken Schwaber and I co-wrote this article to help counter the misperception that agile projects do not need project management. The article outlines some of the responsibilities of the agile project manager.

The Upside of Downsizing

This article describes how a project was successfully downsized from 100 to 12 developers. To make such a dramatic adjustment the development process was switched to Scrum and user stories.