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Announcing for Video Training

I’m happy to announce the release of a new website, will provide the highest quality video training on agile and Scrum.

The site launches with two courses from me and with courses from others soon to follow. In addition to hosting all my current and upcoming video courses, will soon feature:

  • Ken Rubin on Agile…

Research on Combining Agile with Waterfall

An issue facing many agile teams is how they can coexist with non-agile teams within the same company and often working on the same project. A friend, Eva Gysling, is doing some academic research into this topic. She's prepared an 11-topic free-form questionnaire soliciting experiences and thoughts on mixing agile with waterfall.

If you have experience with this, please…

What Topics Would You Like Mike Cohn to Cover?

I’ve learned a lot about the challenges people face over the years across varying organizations when it comes to agile development and Scrum. But I’m always looking to help people solve their toughest or most nagging problems – and sometimes it’s easier to find out what those are just by asking.

So today, I’m asking you to take a moment to fill in a one-question survey for…

Scrum Alliance Vision Update

As part of the recent Scrum Gathering in Atlanta, the Scrum Alliance Board of Directors held an all-day, in-person meeting. I want to share with you the outcome of one of the key topics on our agenda, which was reviewing the current vision for the organization and considering any changes to it. Coming into that meeting, the vision was to provide meaningful certification, offer valuable memberships, expand Scrum's presence, and do so with operational excellence. These four keys to the direction of the organization had been established at a similar board meeting in September 2010.

Agile Succeeds Three Times More Often Than Waterfall

Agile projects are successful three times more often than non-agile projects, according to the 2011 CHAOS report from the Standish Group. The report goes so far as to say, "The agile process is the universal remedy for software development project failure. Software applications developed through the agile process have three times the success rate of the traditional waterfall…

Case Study on ePlan Services

I'm in the midst of reading Specification by Example by Gojko Adzic. I'm a big fan of his earlier, Bridging the Communication Gap book so I've been anxious to read his new one. I'll post a full review when I'm done with it.

However, I wanted to share a sample chapter of the book here.