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New Book from Steve Denning on Agile at the Company Level

Leader's Guide to Radical Management If you want to see want agile look likes when applied at the corporate level, check out the new book, The Leader's Guide to Radical Management, by Stephen Denning. Denning is the author of a handful of other excellent, award-winning books and this one is his best yet. As he describes in the book, Denning set out to discover why so many of today's organizations are struggling. His research led him to agile and Scrum where he found that these processes were reinvigorating teams and even organizations. His new book looks at what he saw in these teams and companies and distills it into seven principles. The seven principles of radical management are:

Chinese Edition of “Succeeding with Agile” Is About to Be Published

The Chinese edition of Succeeding with Agile will be available in about two weeks (end of October). The book was very kindly translated by Luyu Yang, Jingbin Liao, Andrew Lv, and Zhengyun Chen. They used Scrum to work together on the translation in the ScrumCN.com community. The book will be published through Tsinghua University. Thank you to everyone for making this…

My Agile Books Made a List of Top 100 Agile Books

My three books on agile made this list of "The Top 100 Agile Books" by Jurgen Appelo. He used an objective method of ranking books based on Amazon.com and GoodRead.com quality ratings and popularity. His blog explains the approach. Uncle Bob Martin and I were each fortunate enough to have two books in the top ten. Just about all the books on the list are worth reading so…

Free chapters from Succeeding with Agile

My publisher just informed me that they've made two chapters available from my upcoming book, Succeeding with Agile: Software Development using Scrum. You can get the free chapters from the InformIT website. Find the picture of the book on the bottom right and download the chapters from there. Lots of other interesting agile books are listed there as well with free PDF…

Draft Chapters of New Upcoming Books Available

As you may know, I am editing a series of books for Addison-Wesley, my long-time publisher. Authors in the series are all going to be sharing early drafts of chapters and soliciting feedback. Two authors are far enough along that they have made initial chapters available. Roman Pichler is writing about the product owner role in his book, Agile Product Management: Turning…

The Ideal Agile Workspace

As you may now, I am working on a new book, which will be called Succeeding with Agile. I recently finished writing a chapter for it on the impact of the human resources and facilities groups on an organization that is transitioning to an Agile project management approach. While writing that chapter, I put together a list of all the things that I think should be visible…

How To Fail With Agile

Not everyone involved in an agile transition wants the change to be successful. This tongue-in-cheek article details twenty things you can do to sabotage an agile transition. Of course, the twenty things also serve as reminders of things to avoid or watch out for.

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