The Scrum Game a Fun Interactive Tool for Learning Scrum & Agile


scrum game board

Mike Cohn of Mountain Goat Software and Bill Wake introduced The Scrum Game at the Spring 2007 Scrum Gathering in Portland. This cooperative game features teams of any size (four or five are ideal but any number can play) moving around a familiar-looking game board while trying to burndown a committed amount of work. Each game simulates a ten-day sprint.

While completing their work, players are occasionally presented with Opportunities. Each Opportunity is solved through collaborative team discussion and represents a chance for the team to overcome an obstacle and improve. Improve and they burn work down faster. Miss too many Opportunities, though, and you won't finish everything before the end of the sprint.

Players may also become blocked by various Impediments that await on the game board. But don't worry, your teammates can unblock you by playing an appropriate Tool that was also collected while moving around the board.

Featuring an innovative and exciting way to burn down work The Scrum Game is an excellent learning tool used by Certified Scrum Trainers® , Coaches and teams worldwide.

The Scrum Alliance no longer distributes The Scrum Game but you can download the files necessary to make your own version of it at:

From the instructions and information provided in that zip you should be able to play it with a few alterations to the rules (e.g., instead of the custom dice, use a standard 1-6 and treat the 6 as the "scrum symbol"). We are looking at manufacturing boxed versions of the game with updated and simplified rules. When we do that, you'll be able to find details on this website.