Video Courses on Agile Mentors

We have important information about your agile video training courses.

As we told you via email in December, as of today, you will access these courses by visiting instead of where you accessed them previously.

What you need to know:

  • You get access to exactly the same materials.
  • To watch your videos on the new site click this link. If it’s your first time visiting Agile Mentors, you’ll first need to reset your password to have one mailed to you and that’s it - you’re all set up!

Why are we moving?

Last year I set up as a central place to deliver all my training courses and agile resources. With your account you can log-in and access your courses as well as two free bonus courses:

  • Let Go of Knowing - 14 succinct lessons to show you how biases can hold you back in agile
  • The Scrum Foundations - 19 short lessons that introduce the key elements of scrum

You also have the option to upgrade and join the Agile Mentors Community - which unlocks even more agile resources including my Weekly Tip archive and access to monthly Q&A calls with me.

But if you just want to access your courses as you have done before, use this new link.