What Makes Mountain Goat Software So Different?

Mike training students

Gain confidence and clarity in the agile process

Our training program helps you to cut through the complexity and learn the solid foundations you need to succeed in the agile process. Mike Cohn’s training is both informative and fun. You’ll leave energized and empowered to make agile and Scrum work for you and your team.

Build a list of practical, actionable steps for you and your team

When you complete the training, not only will you take away a solid understanding of the fundamentals of agile and Scrum, you’ll also have a set of tasks that you can immediately implement with your team to continue the process back at your office.

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Learn the fundamentals for proven success

Students who take our Certifed ScrumMaster class go on to pass the CSM exam with a 98% success rate. More than 22,000 students and some of the world’s largest brands have trusted us to guide their agile transition. Let us do the same for you.

Getting Started with Agile & Scrum

Whether it’s in-person or online agile training from international instructor and author, Mike Cohn, digging into our website resources or reading one of Mike’s popular books, your agile education starts here.

Start your ascent with our info-packed Beginner’s Guide to Agile and Scrum.

Learn more in our Agile & Scrum Beginner’s Guide