Certified Scrum Product Owner with Lance Dacy

Certified Scrum Product Owner with Lance Dacy

Just because you have an agile team capable of moving quickly doesn't mean they are moving toward the right goal. Product Owners are responsible for pointing teams toward the right targets, and Product Owner certification ensures you have the right skills to guide your team. Since more than half of all projects fail in a traditional project management environment, and the successful products include functionality that's rarely or never used, you won't want to miss this course to equip you for success! Attend this course to earn Certified Scrum Product Owner designation, 15 PDUs and 16 SEUs.

Matt K.

[Lance] has helped us since the beginning of our Scrum transition becoming a trusted part of our organization. The difference in Big Agile from other contracting partners is Lance’s success in the real world before becoming a CST. Lance doesn’t just know the theory he also knows how to apply the theory, speak with the whole programming department and to Executive Leadership on where to improve. Lance is technical enough to help highlight engineering areas for improvement and business minded enough to call out organizational areas of improvements.

Matt K.
Director of Product Engineering

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What You’ll Learn 

At the end of this course you will be able to: 

  1. Develop a clear project charter that inspires and motivates a team
  2. Define the product backlog and transform epics and themes into actionable user stories
  3. Apply a methodical approach for prioritizing items in the product backlog
  4. Get a clear view of individual roles, responsibilities and how they interact
  5. Produce accurate plans for fixed-scope and fixed-date projects using velocity ranges

PDU and SEU Credits

This course earns you 15 PDUs within the PMI.

Scrum Alliance

This course earns you 16 SEUs (Category B) within the Scrum Alliance.

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Our Promise to You

We’re confident that you will love this product owner workshop. 

We also guarantee: 

  • A lively pace: The variety of exercises, theory, group work and breaks make it easy to stay energized
  • Immediately applicable learning: As soon as the class is over, you can use your new skills on future or current Scrum projects
  • Increased confidence: You’ll know what actions result in strong decision-making, letting you build a successful Scrum experience from the outset
Dan S.

Lance has a great demeanor and approach that really resonated with the team. His background and knowledge helped guide the team through many of the challenges of changing the way we work. If you are looking to step change how your organization delivers software, I couldn’t recommend Lance more.

Dan S.
VP of Marketing/eCommerce

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Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for product owners, product managers, analysts, testers and anyone who represents and is expected to understand the desires of users and customers on agile projects. It is also great for Scrum Masters who want to attend with their product owners or to gain a greater understanding of the product owner role.

Course Overview

Scrum overview

Understand how the Agile Manifesto impacts the Scrum framework, and get an introduction to the roles and cycles used in Scrum. 

Project chartering

As product owner, you need to know to develop a charter for your product that inspires team commitment and results in a clear goal. You’ll also receive valuable templates to help communicate your product vision so that it is compelling and actionable. 

Product backlog

The product backlog is the central nervous system of any Scrum project. As product owner, you need to know how to prioritize, refine and maintain it so that the team is always working on priority items without facing unnecessary delays. 

You’ll also discover how to use iterations to turn epics and themes into useful user stories that are clear and ready for the team to develop. 


Learn how the three Scrum roles of product owner, Scrum Master and team work together using Scrum. As product owner, you’ll also understand what is expected from you in terms of availability, decision-making and your relationship with stakeholders.


Learn more than how a sprint plan works. Find yourself equipped with skills to manage the complexities that can disrupt progress. What should you do if a team falls behind? When should work be added or dropped from a sprint? And when should you abnormally terminate a sprint? 


Creating accurate estimates of when something will ship and what it will do provides confidence for stakeholders and encourages commitment from technical team members. In this course, you’ll learn about story points, the top misunderstanding that prevents teams from using them successfully, and use Planning Poker to estimate them as a group. As a product owner, this lets you make long-terms plans more easily and prioritize stories for the team. 


Master a step-by-step, methodical system for prioritizing. You’ll discover how to identify which features are mandatory, linear or exciters, and then find out how to aggregate and weigh results based on importance. The result is a prioritized product backlog that is easy to follow and deliver. 

Release Management

Using velocity ranges, you’ll develop a system for making accurate estimations for fixed-date and fixed-scope projects. You’ll also understand how technical debt may affect your progress and how burndown charts can quickly show the team’s progress.

Agile Mentors

The only Certified Scrum Product Owner with Lance Dacy course that includes FREE 6 months access to Mike Cohn’s Agile Mentors Community (worth $300). The Agile Mentors Community is Mike Cohn’s exclusive online community for agile practitioners. It is a thriving, friendly space where you can as questions, enhance your learning, collaborate with others, and experiment with new ideas.

When you book and attend a Certified Scrum Product Owner with Lance Dacy course today you qualify to join as a free member for 6 months. Thousands have already signed up and we’d love to add your voice to the discussions.

You also get access to resources that aren’t available to the public, including:


An exclusive members-only space where you can discuss any agile topic


The only available archive of all of my past weekly tips (currently more than 120)


A monthly Q&A call where you can get answers to your specific questions


The library of past Q&A calls (with transcripts so you can find information relevant to you)

Book your course now to reserve your spot in the Agile Mentors Community. Please note that your Agile Mentors access will be activated after class is completed.

Lance Dacy

About Lance Dacy

Lance Dacy is a dynamic, experienced management and technical professional with the proven ability to energize teams, plan with vision, and establish results in a fast paced, customer-focused environment. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer with the Scrum Alliance and has trained and coached many successful Scrum implementations from Fortune 20 companies to small start-ups over the last eight years. Lance comes equipped with a great personality and servant heart that truly helps build cross-functional teams. Given his fun personality, overall size and appearance, he has come to be known as BiG Agile.

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