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The team has been quite busy. A couple of months ago, they launched a brand new design and mobile support. Since then, they have continued to Planning Poker Website Screenshotimprove the site based on your feedback.

Now, they’ve launched’s first set of premium features. While these premium features do require a monthly fee, the base game will always be free.

Visit to see these new features in action:

  • Import and export from JIRA and other backlog tools
  • Add and edit story details and acceptance criteria within the game
  • Monitor remaining team velocity while estimating
  • Build custom pointing scales
  • Save your default game settings

… and more.

Digital product development agency 352 Inc. is the team that created the new, and they’re committed to making it the most helpful and efficient way to run your planning sessions. They are also open to your feedback on how to improve the product.

Give the new features a try and let them know what more you would like to see. To learn more about Planning Poker in general, check out our informational page on it.



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