More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team

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Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin pioneered the agile testing discipline with their previous work, Agile Testing. Now, in More Agile Testing, they reflect on all they’ve learned since. They address crucial emerging issues, share evolved agile practices, and cover key issues agile testers have asked to learn more about.

Packed with new examples from real teams, this insightful guide offers detailed information about adapting agile testing for your environment; learning from experience and continually improving your test processes; scaling agile testing across teams; and overcoming the pitfalls of automated testing. You’ll find brand-new coverage of agile testing for the enterprise, distributed teams, mobile/embedded systems, regulated environments, data warehouse/BI systems, and DevOps practices.

Lisa Crispin

Lisa Crispin

Lisa Crispin is an agile testing coach and practitioner. She is the co-author, with Janet Gregory, of Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams

Janet Gregory

Janet Gregory

Janet Gregory is a Calgary-based consultant specializing building quality systems and her passion is promoting agile quality processes. 

Table of Contents

  1. I. Introduction
    1. How Agile Testing Has Evolved 
    2. The Importance of Organizational Culture 
  2. II. Learning for Better Testing

    1. Roles and Competencies
    2. Thinking Skills for Testing
    3. Technical Awareness
    4. How to Learn
  3. III. Planning–So You Don’t Forget the Big Picture

    1. Levels of Precision for Planning 
    2. Using Models to Help Plan
  4. IV. Testing Business Value

    1. Are We Building the Right Thing?
    2. The Expanding Tester’s Mindset: Is This My Job?
    3. Getting Examples
  5. V. Investigative Test

    1. Exploratory Testing
    2. Other Types of Testing
  6. VI. Test Automation

    1. Technical Debt in Testing
    2. Pyramids of Automation
    3. Test Automation Design Patterns and Approaches
    4. Selecting Test Automation Solutions
  7. VII. What Is Your Context?

    1. Agile Testing in the Enterprise
    2. Agile Testing on Distributed Teams
    3. Agile Testing for Mobile and Embedded Systems
    4. Agile Testing in Regulated Environments
    5. Agile Testing for Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence Systems
    6. Testing and DevOps
  8. VIII. Agile Testing in Practice

    1. Visualize Your Testing
    2. Putting It All Together
  9. Appendix A: Page Objects in Practice: Examples
  10. Appendix B: Provocation Starters