Time-Sensitive Announcement: March 23rd-26th Virtual Certified ScrumMaster® with Mike Cohn now open for registration

Due to the coronavirus outbreak preventing some people from attending live classes I will be running a virtual Certified ScrumMaster course starting on Monday 23rd March. No travel required, access all training online.

There is very limited space for this training and attendees will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

An increasing number of companies have issued travel bans due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and some people have been unable to attend in-person training courses.

As a result, The Scrum Alliance® announced last week that where live classes have been affected by people being unable to attend, these can be (temporarily) delivered online.

If you want to get your Certified ScrumMaster certification and would like to take this training with me online, this post will answer most of your questions.

This class is now full. Click here to find out when new virtual training is available.

How Is the Course Delivered?

The course will be delivered online and I’ve designed it to replicate the key elements of my live classes but note - this is not just hours of self-study. That wouldn’t be a great learning experience.

Instead, I’ve taken the same materials you’d learn if you came to one of my in-person classes, and adapted them for a virtual experience.

The course is a mixture of:

  • Pre-recorded self-study videos
  • Live exercises and discussions with me
  • Small break-out groups
  • Short assignments

Once you’ve worked your way through the materials, you’ll have everything you need to take the CSM exam, and once you pass that you’ll be a Certified ScrumMaster.

What Is the Course Schedule for Monday 23rd - Thursday 26th?

You will need to be available next week for the live discussion classes, as well as have enough time to work your way through the self-study videos

Monday - Thursday

Daily live class attendance: 9:30am-11:00am U.S. Pacific via Zoom

During these sessions, there will be live discussions and group exercises facilitated by me via Zoom. Zoom is an easy to use online meeting and video conferencing software and you’ll receive full instructions about how to join your online class after you register.

Daily Self-Study about 2 Hours of Videos

Before each live class, you will receive, in advance, some videos to watch for that specific class. You will need to watch those videos before you attend the live class so you are prepared to discuss them. There will be short quizzes built into the self-study videos to help you remember the lessons learned.

Regular (Flexible) Assignments

Throughout the course, there are short assignments to complete. These may be via online discussion forums, emailing me your answers to a few questions, or possibly even simple smartphone recordings of how you might handle different situations. I want to keep these flexible so you can participate in the way that suits you best.

Bonus Live Ask Me Anything

There will also be a bonus Q&A session where you can ask me any outstanding questions you might have.

Only Register If You Can Make the Live Classes

To become certified you have to attend the live classes. I understand life can get in the way of the schedule so if you have to miss a live class, you can attend the bonus Ask-Me-Anything session to make up the live-learning time you need.

If you’re unable to commit to this at this time, register here to find out when future virtual classes may become available.

This Is a Fully Certified ScrumMaster Course

I am excited to deliver this course and have done everything to make it the best possible experience. The live sessions will be mostly exercise and discussion with just enough introduction from me to set up each new exercise. The pre-recorded videos give you the flexibility to take part of the course when it’s the most convenient for you.

At the end of the course, you will be prepared for the CSM Exam. After you pass that, you’ll be a Certified ScrumMaster.

Risk-Free Guarantee

As with everything we do at Mountain Goat Software, you get a risk-free guarantee. On completion of the course, with full participation in the required live sessions and submitted assignments, if you don’t feel it’s been valuable we’ll happily issue a refund.

I hope to see you inside the virtual CSM course. We’re going to have fun with this.


This class is now full. Click here to find out when new virtual training is available.

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