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About Mike Cohn

Since 1995 Mike Cohn has been using agile and Scrum to build high-performing software development teams and organizations. Companies large and small and across all industries have attended his training courses. Mike is the author of User Stories Applied for Software Development, Agile Estimating and Planning, and Succeeding with Agile Software Development using Scrum.

A Look Inside “101 Inspiring Quotes About Agile”:

Jerimy Gregory

I love your emails. Whenever I see an email from you, I always pause whatever I’m doing and focus on them. Their nuggets of wisdom are short but deep, practical and meaningful, and touch upon the important aspects of Scrum life.

Gareth Gauci
Kim Kimmey

I love the weekly tips you send out. I love that they are concise, immediately actionable (if we wanted to take action on them) and a quick read. Yours are one of the few emails I continue to subscribe to and I know when I see it in my inbox that it isn’t going to take much time or brain power to reduce my inbox by 1, so the effort is well worth the value given.

Kim Kimmey