Agile Mentors Podcast

Agile Mentors Podcast

Practical advice for making agile work in the real world

The Agile Mentors podcast is for agilists of all levels. Whether you’re new to agile and Scrum or have years of experience, listen in to find answers to your questions and new ways to succeed with agile.

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Brian Milner

About Your Host

Brian Milner is Senior VP of Agile Training at Mountain Goat Software. Each episode features a guest co-host to discuss different aspects of agile as well as address your questions.

Latest Episodes

#106: Innovating Through Economic Downturns with John Barratt

July 10, 2024     35 minutes

Join Brian and John Barratt as they delve into the current state of the agile industry, exploring the impact of economic downturns on agile coaches and Scrum Masters, and discover innovative strategies to navigate these challenging times.

#105: Scrum Conferences & Neurodiversity with Brian Milner

July 03, 2024     25 minutes

Join Brian as he delves into the powerful response to his talk on neurodiversity at the Global Scrum Gathering in New Orleans, which emphasized small but significant changes to make environments more accommodating.

#104: Mastering Product Ownership with Mike Cohn

June 26, 2024     39 minutes

Join Brian and Mike Cohn as they dissect the vital roles and responsibilities of the product owner, from story mapping to stakeholder management. This episode is a treasure trove for anyone looking to sharpen their Agile skills and understand the nuanced demands of a product owner.

#103: Developer Relations and SQLMesh with Marisa Smith

June 19, 2024     29 minutes

Join Brian and Marisa Smith as they dive into the world of developer advocacy, the challenges of agile methodologies in data engineering, and the vital role of open-source communities. Discover how to better support and communicate with your developers in this insightful episode!

#102: Communicating Agile Transformations with McCaul Baggett

June 12, 2024     31 minutes

Join Brian Milner and McCaul Baggett as they explore the power of empathy and storytelling in successful Agile transformations. Learn McCaul's five-step approach to effective communication and discover strategies to overcome common pitfalls in organizational change.

#101: Fostering Sustainable Change with Leor Herzfeld

June 05, 2024     31 minutes

Join Brian as he discusses the crucial elements of sustainable agility with Leor Herzfeld, Agile Coach and CEO of Integral Agile. Dive into the human side of sustainability and discover the 14 dimensions essential for creating a culture that truly engages.

#100: Navigating the Future of Agile and Scrum with Lance Dacy & Scott Dunn

May 29, 2024     46 minutes

Join Brian for the 100th episode of the Agile Mentors Podcast as he dives into the future of Agile with fan favorites Scott Dunn and Lance Dacy. Listen in as they explore the evolving role of AI, the continuous need for leadership innovation, and the Agile community's journey towards greater accountability and effectiveness.

#99: AI & Agile Learning with Hunter Hillegas

May 22, 2024     33 minutes

Join Brian Milner and Hunter Hillegas as they unveil Goatbot, Mountain Goat Software's latest AI innovation designed to transform how we access and learn from Agile and Scrum resources. Tune in to hear Hunter delve into the intricate process of developing and testing this AI platform.

#98: Coaching the Coaches with Vinnie Gill

May 15, 2024     34 minutes

Join Brian and Agile coaching expert Vinnie Gills as they tackle the complexities of being an Agile coach and working with and among teams. Discover key strategies for overcoming conflicts and enhancing teamwork within the coaching community.

#97: Exploring Liquid Agility with Arlen Bankston

May 08, 2024     35 minutes

Join Brian as he and Arlen Bankston unveil the secrets of Liquid Agility in this episode of the Agile Mentors Podcast. Dive into how this innovative framework revolutionizes product management and fills the gaps in traditional Agile methodologies

#96: Mastering Asynchronous Work with Sumeet Moghe

May 01, 2024     39 minutes

Join Brian and Sumeet Moghe as they discuss transforming the focus and efficiency of Agile teams in our always-on world. Discover how to master asynchronous work to enhance decision-making and improve team dynamics.

#95: Navigating Change with Precision with Steve Martin

April 24, 2024     35 minutes

Join Brian as he explores the Change Initiative Canvas with Dr. Steve Martin, a groundbreaking tool designed to streamline and succeed in organizational change efforts. Learn how to tackle change with clarity and strategic foresight.

#94: Connecting Teams and Leadership with Anthony Coppedge

April 17, 2024     39 minutes

Join Brian and Anthony Coppedge as they unlock the secrets to bridging the team-leadership divide. Learn how to navigate through fear, short-term thinking, and the transformative power of Agile within top-tier organizations like IBM.

#93: The Rise of Human Skills and Agile Acumen with Evan Leybourn

April 10, 2024     32 minutes

Explore the skills revolution with Brian and Evan Leybourn of the Business Agility Institute as they dive into a landmark study on the skills shaping today's workforce. Learn why adaptability, human skills, and agile acumen are the keys to success.

#92: Navigating Scrum Anti-Patterns with Stefan Wolpers

April 03, 2024     31 minutes

Join Brian and Stefan Wolpers as they explore the labyrinth of Scrum anti-patterns, shedding light on the crucial shifts needed in communication, event understanding, and organizational empowerment for Agile success.

#91: Revolutionizing HR with Pia-Maria Thorén

March 27, 2024     33 minutes

Dive into an enlightening conversation with Brian Milner and HR innovator Pia Maria Thorén on the transformative power of Agile in HR and leadership. Discover a people-centric approach that champions attitude, growth, and empathy.

#90: Mastering Agile Coaching with Cherie Silas

March 20, 2024     35 minutes

Join Brian Milner and Master Coach Cherie Silas as they discuss the intricate dance between professional coaching and Agile coaching and unlock the secrets to empowering Agile transformations.

#89: Transformational One-on-Ones with Avipaul Bhandari

March 13, 2024     30 minutes

Join Brian and Avipaul Bhandari as they uncover a secret to transformative Agile teams. Discover how one-on-one conversations can redefine team dynamics and even scaled organizational culture.

#88: Slicing Work For Agile Success With Anton Skornyakov

March 06, 2024     31 minutes

Join Brian Milner and Anton Skornyakov as they tackle the often overlooked art of slicing work on this episode of the Agile Mentors Podcast. Discover how this pivotal strategy can revolutionize feedback loops and drive impactful results across industries.

#87: Testing Beyond Assumptions with David Bland

February 28, 2024     35 minutes

Join Brian and David Bland as they journey into the novel idea of testing assumptions before development to avoid costly mistakes and ensure the right things are being built in the latest episode of the Agile Mentors Podcast—a must-listen for any product owner wanting to determine if their team is working on the right thing.

#86: Revisiting User Stories with Mike Cohn

February 21, 2024     42 minutes

Have you ever returned to an old User Story and wondered, “what was I thinking?” On today’s episode, Mike Cohn, walks us through how and why he recently revisited and updated 200 Real Life User Story Examples from his past projects and updated a resource for you! Listen in as Mike and Brian share what worked and what didn’t work from the past, in an effort to make their user story writing skills stronger.

#85: Effectively Managing Dependencies with Ken Rubin

February 14, 2024     50 minutes

In this week’s episode, Brian is joined by the legendary Ken Rubin, the author of Essential Scrum. Together, they dive deep into the world of dependencies in larger organizations and scaling, drawing from Ken's extensive experience since the early days of Scrum. If you're navigating the complexities of dependencies and looking to optimize your team's flow, this episode is a must-listen.

#84: Listener Questions with Brian Milner

February 07, 2024     33 minutes

Join Brian in this solo episode of the Agile Mentors Podcast as he tackles listener questions, discussing topics ranging from the impact of AI on Scrum teams to managing retrospective challenges and fostering active participation. Don't miss this episode filled with practical advice and thought-provoking discussions.