Free Daily Scrum Training with Brian Milner

When you run a daily scrum the right way, collaboration, communication, and productivity increase. And daily scrums are only 15 minutes, so why do so many teams hate them?

Discover the answer to this and other daily scrum questions in Brian Milner's mini-troubleshooting guide for running successful daily scrums.

In this video series, Brian shares a real-life story of a talented team that hated the daily scrum so much he allowed them to kill it (but all was not as it seemed). He also offers a reminder about why the daily scrum is important, plus 3 tips to revitalize stale stand-ups.

Troubleshooting the Daily Scrum: A Video Guide

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Take a peek inside this video guide to the daily scrum.

1. That Time I Killed the Daily Scrum
  • 1.1. Hate the Daily Scrum? Kill it.
  • 1.2. Why So Many Complaints about Daily Scrums?
  • 1.3. Common Problems with Daily Scrums
3. Tips for More Effective Daily Scrums
  • 3.1. Tip 1 for More Effective Daily Scrums
  • 3.2. Tip 2 for More Effective Daily Scrums
  • 3.3. Tip 3 for More Effective Daily Scrums
2. Why Daily Scrums Exist
  • 2.1. The Purpose of the Daily Scrum
  • 2.2. Daily Scrums Showcase Team Dynamics
  • 2.3. Improve Teamwork: Stop Starting. Start Finishing
  • 2.4. Daily Scrums Make Teamwork Possible
4. Daily Scrum Takeaways
  • 4.1. Two Key Takeaways