Planning Poker® Cards

Mountain Goat Software has popularized Planning Poker® through Mike Cohn’s training classes and conference presentations. We sell the most popular and highest quality planning cards available.

We ship via United States Postal Service (USPS) within the United States only. We have discontinued shipping cards internationally. Orders are shipped Monday through Friday. Orders received by 5 pm EST will be shipped the following business day.

Card Features

  • Enough cards for four estimators in each deck.
  • Casino quality, linen finish, two-ply cards. The finest available.
  • Each deck includes a full suit of cards (?, 0, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40, 100, infinity) in each of four colors.
  • Professional photos on the back of all cards.
  • Each deck comes in a matching box for years of use.
  • Accept no imitation; use the cards used by tens of thousands of developers around the world.

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What is the quality of the cards?

These are the finest playing cards available. Our manufacturer has been making cards since 1976 and supplies some of the most recognizable card brands around—Bee, Bicycle, and the World Poker Tour among them. Cards are standard poker size of 2-1/2 inches wide by 3-1/2 inches high. They are casino quality, linen finish, two-ply cards. Cards feature professional photographs on the back and come in a custom-printed, matching box so you’ll be able to use these cards for years. Our cards are in use by tens of thousands of customers on every continent except Antarctica. (If you’re in Antarctica, email now for some free cards so we can remedy that situation!)

How many decks do I need?

Each deck has a full suit of cards for four estimators.

What cards are in a deck?

Each deck includes 54 cards. There are four suits of thirteen cards each: ?, 0, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40, 100, and ∞. Each suit features a different photo on the back and is printed in a different color on the face. There are two additional cards: a card with short instructions on how to play Planning Poker® and another with information on contacting us.

When will my order ship?

Orders received by 5 PM Eastern time are shipped the following business day.

I see Planning Poker® cards for up to $17-$20 per deck elsewhere. Why are your cards so cheap?

Mountain Goat Software popularized Planning Poker® as a way of estimating and is far and away the leading distributor of cards. Our cards are the highest quality available but we sell them at a far lower price than others do for two reasons: (1) We buy far larger quantities of cards than others do, which keeps our costs down; and (2) We’re not in this for the money; our consulting services pay the bills so we sell cards as a community service, not as a money-making venture.

Can I return cards if I am dissatisfied with the quality of the cards?

You can return cards for any reason within thirty days of purchase. We will refund the full amount of your order, including the initial shipping cost from us to you. It’s worth mentioning, though, that no one has ever been dissatisfied with the quality of the cards and returned them to us for that reason.

I’d like cards with my company logo on them; do you offer custom cards?

We’re sorry, but we don’t offer custom cards. Please see our website for further information on manufacturers. Please be aware though that Planning Poker® is a registered trademark of Mountain Goat Software, LLC . If you do plan to produce your own cards, please sign the license agreement and read additional details on the Mountain Goat Software website.

Why do the cards deviate slightly from the Fibonacci sequence?

We’re anal software people, too. We know that the Fibonacci sequence should go from 8 to 13 to 21. We use 20, though, instead of 21. Of course we used 21 in the early days, but dropped it after meeting with a product owner who looked at the 21 and said, “Oh, a 21. You must be very confident to give such a precise estimate. Most people would have called it 20 or 25, but you called it 21.” We replied that we used the Fibonacci sequence. The product owner said, “The Fibo-what?” After which, we decided that deviating from the Fibonacci sequence would be better because the numbers started to imply a very high level of precision that just wasn’t there.

The 1/2 is included because after awhile some teams decide they want some room in between “free” (a zero) and one. Using 1/2 isn’t something a team should do a lot, but it’s a nice option to have in some cases.

I input my shipping address incorrectly and my cards never made it. What do I do now?

You'll need to place another order. When the original cards are returned, we'll refund the purchase price of the cards to the credit card used to place the order. Since we shipped the cards based on the information you gave us, we can't refund the shipping costs. If we made a mistake, the full order price will be refunded.