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There are almost one million Certified ScrumMasters in the marketplace, but fewer than 11,000 people have achieved the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster title. 

By taking this class with Mountain Goat Software, in just two-days you can join that specialist group of advanced practitioners.

You get lifetime access to all materials, plus this is the only A-CSM that uses our interactive software so that breakout exercises are valuable and fun. You'll also be automatically enrolled in Mike Cohn's exclusive membership site, including 12 months of ongoing coaching and support. 


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About The Course

This 2-day course is delivered live and online by experienced CST Brian Milner. 

You’ll dive deep into the advanced skills you need to be a valuable Scrum Master including coaching, facilitation, and the day-to-day techniques that build strong teams. This goes beyond foundational learning and gives you much more nuanced skills that you’ll come to rely on in real life.

It includes pre-workshop video lessons to complete before the live class. You'll then have two days of live, online lessons and group discussions as well as breakout group exercises and individual exercises. You will be expected to participate in all exercises, as well as be prepared to do research and present your thoughts and findings to the class.

With this course you can:

  • Use advanced facilitation skills to improve communication between the team, product owner, and stakeholders
  • Overcome resistance and skepticism with practical coaching techniques
  • Motivate a team so that members actually want to achieve goals together
  • Stand out from other Scrum Masters and showcase your value as a specialist. 

Course Prerequisites:

  • Hold a CSM designation with the Scrum Alliance (your certification does not need to be active at the time you take the A-CSM course)
  • Demonstrate 12 months of work experience as a Scrum Master within the last five years

"I just want to say to all that I am learning so much by just listening to your experiences and solutions - it is a good melding of the course and actual experience" - Roberta Pettit, trained for her Advanced Certified ScrumMaster with Brian Milner.

Why Train with Mountain Goat Software?

Mountain Goat Software has trained more than 45,000 agile professionals in certified classes, trained 100s of teams in private training, and issued more than 5000 licenses for on-demand video training.
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We go beyond theory to provide real-world advice. Our trainers share up-to-date guidance about what is and isn’t working, and our video courses include techniques you can apply immediately.


You get the best learning experience. You get access to unique interactive software for all our live, online classes, and all our courses are delivered in succinct lessons that are designed to make the learning stick.

Mike Cohn

These are the only courses designed by Mike Cohn, co-founder of the Scrum Alliance, and author of Succeeding with Agile, User Stories Applied, and Agile Estimating and Planning.

Speech Bubbles

You can expect the best customer service. Whether you have questions, or need help, our exceptional team is there to support you, and treat you like a member of the Mountain Goat family!

PDUs, SEUs, & Certification

ScrumAlliance Badge

On completion of the prerecorded videos, live sessions, and proof of a CSM certification and 12 months relevant experience, you will be registered with the Scrum Alliance as an Advanced-Certified ScrumMaster

16 PDUs

This course earns you 16 PDUs within the PMI.

16 SEUs

This course earns you 16 SEUs towards your CSP designation within the Scrum Alliance.

Additionally, if you currently hold a certification with the Scrum Alliance, attending this course will automatically advance your previous certification expiration date to the new certification expiration date.

About the Instructors

Brian Milner

Brian Milner

Brian Milner is a Certified Scrum Trainer that brings over 20 years of software development experience to his classes. Over half that time Brian spent working exclusively with organizations as they transitioned to Agile practices. Beginning as a developer, he worked up through management layers and eventually transitioned to life as a Scrum Master and then as a Coach. Having been in both Waterfall and Agile organizations, Brian brings the practical experience of having seen what works and what doesn’t in the real world. Brian has a heart for the Scrum Master role having been one for many years and worked with them in multiple organizations.


Lance Dacy

Lance Dacy

Lance Dacy is a dynamic, experienced management and technical professional with the proven ability to energize teams, plan with vision, and establish results in a fast paced, customer-focused environment. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer with the Scrum Alliance and has trained and coached many successful Scrum implementations from Fortune 20 companies to small start-ups over the last eight years. Lance comes equipped with a great personality and servant heart that truly helps build cross-functional teams. Given his fun personality, overall size and appearance, he has come to be known as BiG Agile.


Who Should Take This Course?

This is an Advanced level course.

This is a core course for the following roles:

  • ScrumMaster
  • Coach

This is a recommended course for the following roles:

  • Agile Evangelist

Course Outline

Agile and Scrum

A deep dive into understanding the development of agile, different agile frameworks, and recognizing violations. 

The Scrum Master Role

Know what traits are essential to be a truly great Scrum Master


This key module walks you through many advanced facilitation techniques that you can apply whenever you’re working with a team—from understanding what it means to facilitate and how to guide a team through successful discussions to knowing when not to facilitate. This module alone can help transform the communication of any agile team.


You’ll understand the difference between being a consultant and a coach, plus learn how to intervene as a coach, and deal effectively with conflict.

High-Performing Teams

This module shows you how to implement practices that take a team from good to great. This includes how to form an effective team, development practices, how to serve product owners, Story Mapping & Impact Mapping as well as backlog refinement.

Agile Organizations

Know how to serve the organization with your team, how to execute root cause analysis, how to scale scrum and understand complex systems.

Scrum Mastery

In this final module, you’ll have a chance to do some private, individual evaluation on how you are currently performing as a Scrum Master, including your strengths and the areas you’d like to continue developing.

How it Works


Before the Course

Once you register, you get access to 4+ hours of training videos to watch before you attend. These videos include key lessons and are essential viewing before you attend the live class.

You are required to watch all videos before attending live, so make sure you leave enough time to work through them.

With lifetime access to all modules in these videos, you can watch them whenever you need, long after the live class so they’re a significant advantage to your training experience.


During the Course

You’ll participate in a two-day live, online class via Zoom, facilitated by your experienced Certified Scrum Trainer. You’ll get to know other attendees through group discussions, and practical breakout sessions.

The Team Home Software used for the breakout exercises is a popular part of our training. It’s unique to Mountain Goat Software and it really helps make the course interactive and engaging.

The lively two days will fly by, we know because that’s the feedback we get from attendees. Be prepared to come with questions, and leave with answers and confidence to test out your new skills.


After the Course

After the class we want you to be successful in your agile journey. That’s why we’re the only training provider to offer a 12 month membership into The Agile Mentors Community (value $299). Founded by Mike Cohn, your membership includes access to a community of smart and generous agilists, as well as additional resources to make it easier to succeed with agile. See below for more details of what’s included in your membership.

Got a Question?

What payment methods do you accept?

You can register on our site and pay with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card. For a group of 10 or more, contact Laura Cohn if you wish to be invoiced.

Are your courses only for software developers?

Not necessarily. Each course has attendees from a variety of backgrounds, including from non-software fields. Mike’s passion is product development of all sorts, so many examples are software related, but no software development experience is required.

What is your refund policy?

If you cancel or reschedule more than 7 days before the first day of the class you will receive a full refund. If you cancel or reschedule within 7 business days of the first day of class, a 50% fee will be charged, and the remaining 50% can be used as a credit toward a class to be taken within 6 months from the date of the canceled class. All cancellation requests must be made via email. Refunds or credits will not be issued for no shows, partial attendance or cancellations within 24 business hours.

We want you to feel confident about enrolling in our live, online courses. If after watching the pre-course videos and participating in the live sessions you don’t find the course valuable, email us within 7 days for a full refund.

Will my certificate say virtual if I take the certification online?

No, your certificate will not mention the course was held virtually. It will look the same as the in person certificates.

Do you offer course discounts?


  • Save $100 per person when you register 10 or more people.
  • Save $100 when you register for both classes.
  • Save $100 for early bird registration.
Do I have to be a CSM to take this class?

No. You can take the course without being a CSM, but you cannot become certified until you’re a CSM and can show that you’ve had 12 months experience.

Is there a test?

No! You must simply complete the pre-work, attend the live sessions, and enter your 12-months of experience in the Scrum Alliance dashboard to become certified.

Can I take the CSM and A-CSM back-to-back?

Yes. You must have the CSM first but there's no waiting period before you can take the A-CSM class.

I’m close to having 12 months experience. Can I take the class while I’m working towards the experience requirement?

Yes. You can take the class even if you do not yet have 12 months of Scrum Master experience. You will not be able to be certified until you enter the required experience in the Scrum Alliance dashboard but you can fulfill the class requirement at any time.