Excelling with Agile

Excelling with Agile

If you’ve adopted agile but haven’t seen the results you were expecting, we can help. As well as training your teams in the techniques of agile and Scrum, we make sure your organization has the environment and culture you need to thrive.

What makes our training different? You can:


Put Your Teams in Charge with an Improvement Backlog

The Improvement Backlog specifies the areas that need improvement such as developing Scrum Masters, or improving teamwork. Teams can easily view, prioritize, and select tasks to work on. This puts team members in charge of their own continuous improvement, so that it doesn’t consume time from company leadership.


Embed an Agile Culture with Improvement Communities

Improvement Communities ensure that your investment in agile isn’t lost the moment training ends. We help you build Improvement Communities—groups of people who feel ownership for fixing a problem. By creating these groups on the ground level, you get more buy-in from team members who can identify what needs to change, and benefit from those changes.


Identify and Prioritize Improvements

With Mountain Goat Software, you can design a faster path to transformation by identifying the most important areas to improve. You don’t need to change everything all at once, and by prioritizing the most critical issues first, you can start to reap the benefits of these changes much faster.


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Looking to Excel with Agile? Consider These Options:


Trackable Video Courses

Video courses (with lifetime access) are a great way to improve your team’s subject specific skills.

With Mountain Goat Software, you can track team member’s progress so you can be confident employees are improving by consuming the lessons.

For even better results, you can add follow-on coaching and mentoring.

For details of volume discounts on our video courses, click here.


Onsite or Live Courses

We have a number of courses whereby you can level-set the skills and understanding of team members.

We can also make recommendations about our public classes that can also help you excel with agile.


Tailored Training, Coaching & Mentoring Paths

You can also have a more specific training program designed and delivered by Mountain Goat-Approved trainers.

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