Learning Paths

The agile learning path contains many training choices, and it can be difficult to know what training your teams need and at what point in their professional development.

With careful consideration, an investment in training can pay dividends for any team, but how do you know which courses will help to achieve your objectives?

At Mountain Goat Software, we can outline a recommended training path for your teams, taking into consideration:

  • Your goals and current challenges
  • Where you are in your agile development
  • The experience and skills of your teams
  • The specific needs and nuances of your industry and business

This can include:

  • Helping your business transition to agile
  • Teaching agile and Scrum so teams are consistent in their approach
  • Training executives on their key role in an agile approach

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Sample Learning Path

Below you can see one example of a learning path, starting with the Scrum Foundations—our free short course that is a great introduction to Scrum. From there, the Certified ScrumMaster or Working on a Scrum Team are 2-day classes suitable for all members of a Scrum team. After that you may want to study specific agile subjects, and then move to more role-specific courses such as the Certified Scrum Product Owner and / or the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster.


This is just one example of a learning path, use the form above to request one more specific to your team.