Mentoring and Coaching

At Mountain Goat Software there are different options for Mentoring and Coaching.

For details about team coaching and training where experienced trainers can work with you and your team to facilitate a retrospective, or help you write a product backlog page, visit our private training page.

If you’re looking for individual agile coaching and mentoring, consider joining the Agile Mentors Community.

Agile Mentors

The Agile Mentors Community is a place for agile practitioners around the world to collaborate in a safe, experiential learning space.

In this private community, you will find lively discussions on a variety of agile topics such as agile leadership, user stories and the product backlog, transitioning to agile and more.

Community members say just some of the benefits are:

  • Continual learning
  • Guided, healthy debates
  • Insight into agile best practices today

You will always face new challenges

You might be trying to change the culture of your organization and get the whole company aligned. Or perhaps you have senior leadership that thinks agile is just for teams, not for them. Or maybe you’re wondering how to scale, or manage multiple teams.

You don’t have to face these challenges alone.

Instead you can have the support of the Agile Mentors Community.


Join Agile Mentors Today

Included in an Agile Mentors Community membership:


More than a forum
Why do members love the AMC forum? You’ll find friendly, troll-free conversations and can get help from a community of smart, practical, and experienced members. No questions go unanswered!


Monthly coaching call
Agile advice as well as direct answers to your specific questions from agile experts such as Mike Cohn and Brian Milner. You also have access to guest webinars, and twice-weekly moderated discussions on various agile topics. 


Online Lean Coffee events
Want intelligent discussion on agile topics? These group events put attendees in charge of the topics. Fast-paced, moderated discussions to help inspire you with new ideas.


Planning Poker® tool
As a member you can invite unlimited numbers of players without them needing to be members. A great tool for you and your team.


Library of agile resources worth 40+ SEUs
Interviews, recordings of previous coaching calls, the entire back catalog of My Weekly Tip, all in one place.

PLUS: GoatBot – The ONLY AI tool trained on all of Mike Cohn’s materials. 

Get agile answers at your fingertips with GoatBot, included in your membership. 

GoatBot has been trained on Mike Cohn’s materials including: 

  • Every book he’s published
  • Every recorded presentation he’s given 
  • Every blog post and weekly tip he’s written
  • And even every course he’s ever created of taught

Ask GoatBot any agile question you have, and get the answers you need, there and then.