Your Fast Track to a Fresher Retrospective - Coaching Call

Tuesday February 13 at 10am PST / 1pm Eastern US

Sign up now to get 15-20 minutes of succinct coaching advice from Brian Milner, SVP of training and coaching at Mountain Goat Software. 
What you’ll learn: 

  • Why Retros are so important (and what you really need to accomplish)
  • How to achieve real transparency and psychological so teams engage
  • A 3-step framework for identifying WHAT happened, WHY it happened, and what you can DO about it 
  • An example of how to build a simple retro (that you can tailor to your team’s needs)
  • Valuable resources to help you find new exercises

PLUS he’ll be running a Q&A session after the teaching content. You can bring any retrospective question and get it answered directly.