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#22: How to Create Helpful Product Roadmaps with Roman Pichler

October 26, 2022     44 minutes

Roman Pichler joins Brian to talk about Product Roadmaps.


Product roadmaps help teams plan their everyday work and how their products will change over a year. But then, products evolve, and new data is collected and shared. Companies must then decide how to adapt and progress. So, how can we then create a product roadmap?

Roman Pichler is an internationally renowned product management expert specializing in product strategy, leadership, and agility.

Today on the show, Roman joins Brian to discuss how to create helpful product roadmaps that create value for the end users in a Scrum based context to move forward and simplify product management.

Listen now to discover:

[00:06] - Brian introduces Roman Pichler, one of his 'agile heroes.
[00:35] - Brian shares about the book Strategise, 2nd Edition.
[02:54] - Roman answers the question, "What is a Product Roadmap?"
[03:58] - Roman explains if product roadmaps are helpful in an agile Scrum based context.
[05:31] - Roman discusses using outcome-based goal-oriented roadmaps to determine a company's product value.
[07:33] - Roman shares some examples of goals on a product roadmap.
[08:12] - Why a goal-oriented based roadmap is all about outcomes.
[09:35] - Brian shares insight into Roman's downloadable Go Product Roadmap.
[10:07] - Roman shares how the latest version of the Scrum guide fits in with protocols, product goals, and outcome-based roadmaps.
[11:54] - Why Roman adds time frame constraints into his product end goals.
[14:41] - Roman shares the two things you need to succeed with collaborative product road mapping in an agile space.
[16:40] - Roman explains how to incorporate time frame constraints into your roadmap.
[19:40] - The difference between an internal and external product roadmap for public consumption.
[21:11] - The importance of an impact analysis when determining whether to stick with a specific delivery date or fully meeting a goal.
[25:00] - How to get precise estimates for your team.
[26:15] - Roman shares his 'sweet spot' for making outcome-based investment decisions.
[28:40] - Roman advises setting dates on (internal) roadmaps for contract-based environments.
[29:06] - Roman shares Apple's trade-off decision when they launched the original iPhone in 2007.
[31:40] - How to use goals to track the most valuable metrics.
[34:41] - The importance of understanding the needs of the stakeholders.
[35:19] - Roman shares the importance of balancing expectations with empathy for improved collaboration.
[39:12] - Brian shares a funny story about the difference in polite communication between Americans and our friends on the other side of the pond.
[40:46] - Roman shares why you shouldn't relinquish product road mapping in an agile space too soon.

Listen next time when we'll be discussing…

Agile and education with John Miller.

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Roman Pichler
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This episode's presenters are:

Brian Milner is SVP of coaching and training at Mountain Goat Software. He's passionate about making a difference in people's day-to-day work, influenced by his own experience of transitioning to Scrum and seeing improvements in work/life balance, honesty, respect, and the quality of work.

Roman Pilcher is a leading product management expert specializing in product strategy, leadership, and agility. He has advised product leaders and taught product managers and owners for over 15 years, pioneering agile product management practices. Roman shares his knowledge through his training courses, books, and podcast. You can find his popular Product Vision Board and Go Product Roadmap on his website.