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As an agile framework, Scrum is deceptively simple. Yet those who implement it successfully know that simple doesn’t always mean easy. To help you on your agile journey, I have created an introductory Scrum Foundations video course. This series of short videos introduces you to the terminology and concepts associated with Scrum--from Scrum as a framework to sprint planning to potentially releasable product increments.

The entire Scrum Foundations video series completely free and available now.

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The Mountain Goat Software Scrum Foundations video series is the perfect introduction to (or review of) Scrum. You’ll get a quick overview of the three Scrum roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Team) and how they work together. You’ll also learn about the various Scrum ceremonies (Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, and Retrospectives) as well as some essential Scrum artifacts (product backlog, sprint backlog)

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The Scrum Foundations video series also explains how agile concepts like timeboxing, definition of done, and backlog refinement help you improve efficiency and quality.

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The Scrum Foundations video course is great for those who want to review concepts that might have been difficult to grasp at first. And it is a valuable introductory tool for those who just want to get a good overview of how agile and Scrum work. It also fulfills the Scrum Alliance requirement for CSM/CSPO prep.

Need a little help taking the first steps on your agile journey? Want a refresher along the way? The Scrum Foundations video course can help. Check it out.

Scrum Foundations Video Series

Scrum Foundations Video Series

All the foundational knowledge of Scrum including: the framework, values, different roles, meetings, backlogs, and improving efficiency & quality.

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