Answers to “Five Easy Questions” from Jurgen Appelo

I was recently asked to answer "five easy questions" by Jurgen Appelo for his very interesting blog. You can read my answers on his site. Be sure to look around on the rest of Jurgen's site as he has lots of interesting articles, especially if you're interesting in complexity theory as related to agile software development.

101 Ways to Get Inspired About Agile




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Mike Cohn specializes in helping companies adopt and improve their use of agile processes and techniques to build extremely high-performance teams. He is the author of User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development, Agile Estimating and Planning, and Succeeding with Agile as well as the Better User Stories video course. Mike is a founding member of the Agile Alliance and Scrum Alliance and can be reached at [email protected]. If you want to succeed with agile, you can also have Mike email you a short tip each week.