Brand New Estimating with Story Points Video Course Now Available

Estimating With Story Points is currently closed for new registrations. You can register here to find out when doors open again.

This past week I’ve shared free online video training to help tackle some of the most common problems teams face when estimating with story points.

If you’ve enjoyed the training, I’d like to now introduce you to my new video course:

Introducing: Estimating with Story Points

Jane Johnson

“As an experienced scrum master, I’d unknowingly picked up some of the bad estimating habits that are prevalent across many teams in my current organization. Not only did the course make me aware of this, it has shown me how I can help others to rediscover the power of using story points in the right way. I’ve started using this knowledge with my team, and I’m seeing improvements already.”

Jane Johnson

Estimating with Story Points helps you master the estimating process with your team, whether you are starting out on your agile journey or a seasoned professional.

Highlights of the course include:

  • 7 modules and almost 4 hours of training on creating estimates with story points
  • 1 BONUS module to help you introduce story points to stakeholders
  • 40 lessons with transcripts, worksheets, audio files, and captions for every video
  • BONUS Planning PokerTM tool for unlimited users
  • BONUS Free 12 month membership to my AgileMentors community (value $708)

Because of the high level of interest we’ve already had, we’re only opening the doors for one week to make sure all the new members get settled.

Registration for the course will close Wednesday, October 28 at 9pm US Pacific

Click here to read more about the course and to register.

What People Are Saying about Estimating with Story Points

We recently finished a beta launch in which a number of agilists worked through the course, providing feedback along the way. This let us tweak, polish, and finish it so it’s even more practical and valuable.

Here’s what people had to say:

I have been a fan of Mike’s teaching for years and the latest class is among his best. If you have a team or organization that has fallen into some bad habits with story points or if you have a team who has yet to experiment with them, then this class will empower you with the knowledge and tools to make a change for the better. Dana Baldwin

Take the course, absorb the material, then share it with your team. Mike has some good points, suggestions, and examples that everyone on your team can relate to. As a professional who has gone through literally hundreds of estimating ceremonies, Mike has the experience and expertise to guide you through the process and address the challenges you face. Plus, if you don’t find the course useful, he’ll guarantee your money questions asked. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.Brian Silverio

Mariano de la Fuente

“As a reader of Mike’s great book, “Agile Estimating and Planning,” I was pretty confident that I was on the right path, but I was also aware of a lot of problems I didn’t know how to overcome and I can’t think of anybody better than Mike to get the knowledge from. This is like a fishing vest. I had my main pockets filled with very valuable knowledge, but I had a lot of other, valuable pockets empty. Thanks to Mike, now I have these pockets filled with new tools, advice, and tips & tricks, so now I’m confident I can greatly improve my estimation skills.”

Mariano de la Fuente

Click here to find out more

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