Doors Now Open to Starting Kanban

This past week my good friend Brendan Wovchko has given away free video training in his Kanban Crash Course: a 3-part introductory series into some of the common challenges that companies face when they try to introduce Kanban.

If you’ve enjoyed the series, I want to let you know that Brendan has just opened the doors to his full course: Starting Kanban.

Starting Kanban - the complete guide to introducing Kanban into your organization

Brendan has trained hundreds of teams in Kanban and spent the last few years developing a complete course to help teams get the best possible start to Kanban and it’s available now until Wednesday, 16th October when doors will close at midnight Eastern US.

It includes 8 modules, 30+ video lessons, worksheets, transcripts, slides, and audio.

It’s a solid resource with plenty of materials to support your introduction to Kanban.

Brendan and I have talked a lot about our work and he’s shared with me some of the transformative stories he’s seen of teams that don’t just say they’re doing Kanban, but understand how to make it work from the word go. For example:

  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • See what is actually happening in work processes (without overwhelming the team)
  • Reduce cycle times without compromising quality

This course is a fantastic tool to coach and train people in starting Kanban, with simple messages you can use to set it up so that it’s more likely to be adopted by the wider organization.

$100 Discount to Mountain Goat Software Readers

Brendan has been thrilled with the response from Mountain Goat Software readers to the free training and he’s offering a significant bonus as a thank you.

When you order before Wednesday, 16th October at midnight Eastern US you’ll get $100 off the price.

This is the best time to buy.

Read more about the course on Brendan’s site:

Read About Starting Kanban

The Definitive Guide to the What and When of Product Owner Responsibilities

The Definitive Guide to the What and When of Product Owner Responsibilities

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