Boost Agile Team Performance

When teams improve, they often see increased velocity as a side effect—but higher velocity should never be a standalone goal.

Since 2005, we’ve been creating resources to help teams succeed with agile and we’ve curated some of our best content below.

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Team Performance Blogs

About every two weeks, Mike Cohn adds to an extensive blog on topics or frequently asked questions that will help you succeed with agile. The blog has been in existence for almost 20 years and is a treasure trove of agile advice. If you are interested in improving team performance and understanding how best to calculate velocity, we recommend starting with the articles below.

What Is a High-Performing Agile Team?

Do Agile Teams Include Semi-Finished Work in Velocity?

How Programmers and Testers (and Others) Should Collaborate on User Stories

Team Performance Videos

About every two weeks, Mike Cohn adds a new video to the Mountain Goat Software YouTube channel. Each video is created to help teams grow more agile. Below are just a few of the videos you might want to add to your playlist.




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Agile Mentors Podcast

Each week, Brian Milner hosts a new guest on the Agile Mentors Podcast. Each episode is specially curated to give you practical advice to make agile work in the real world. Tune in to discover ways to become more agile, whether you're just starting out or are highly experienced.

#88: Slicing Work For Agile Success With Anton Skornyakov

#80: From Struggling to Success: Reviving Agile Teams with Mike Cohn

#71: The World of DevOps with Carlos Nunez

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Agile Mentors Community

Did you know that when you take a course with Mountain Goat Software (public, private, or on-demand), that course includes a 1-year membership in the Agile Mentors Community? You can also join as a community member without taking a course. Some of the highlighted benefits are featured here:

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  • What to do when your Scrum Master is acting like your manager.
  • Explaining velocity to leaders
  • The difference between an MVP and an MMF

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