You believe that agility is right for your team and for your business. You’ve implemented Scrum or XP with some success but have run into some obstacles in moving beyond your initial improvements. You are not alone. The fact is few teams have achieved the 10x productivity or quality gains that the best agile teams have shown us are possible. Partial, half-hearted agile implementations are all too common. Yet as you have experienced yourself, most who begin the journey to embrace agile are better than they were. What you need is a way to move beyond initial gains to the long-term, sustainable success you desire.

In these presentations, leading agile expert and author Mike Cohn explores the process of iterating toward greater agility and continued success. Join him as he introduces the ADAPT model, a five-stage, sustainable approach for getting better at agile. Take away clear guidance for creating Awareness, increasing Desire, developing Ability, Promoting successes, and Transferring the implications of being agile to the rest of the organization (ADAPT). Leave knowing how ADAPT can help you not only become progressively more agile, but also create a solid foundation on which to continue the industry-wide march toward continued organizational success.

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