You know that before the development team writes their first line of code, they need a funded project and a prioritized product backlog. What you don’t yet know is how all the front-end planning works on an agile project, where just-in-time and just-enough are the rule of the day. And you aren’t quite sure how to apply user stories and story points from the very start of a project up through delivery.

Take a look at these highly interactive sessions from agile expert and trainer Mike Cohn. Designed to walk you through an agile project from funding through planning the first iteration, these presentations help put theory into action by allowing participants to create case studies and work in small groups to create product backlogs. When done as workshops, these session start with writing high-level epic user stories that might be used to gain funding, continue with estimating with story points and forecasting the team's velocity, and go all the way through the end of the first iteration and how the results of that iteration affect the release plan. Learn four essential factors to consider when prioritizing. Leave with an understanding of how to establish a baseline release plan & a prioritized product backlog, write user stories that are right-sized for the first few sprints, and maintain the release plan and product backlog throughout the life of the project.

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