This is an amazing book that does not disappoint in any way. It is full of wonderful well–written content. The book is organized as a series of 75 essays, each running from 1 to 10 pages. Each essay gives advice on what to do or not do in an enterprise Java application.

Since I’m not a fan of Enterprise JavaBeans, before I received the book I was worried that the “enterprise” in the title might mean the book was focused on concerns of EJB developers. That isn’t the case at all and the vast majority of the book is absolutely applicable if you avoid EJB in favor of lighter–weight frameworks such as Sping.

Recently I was working with a team whose application was running out of memory and causing their application server to crash, sometimes in as little as an hour. With the help of this book’s sections on the garbage collector they were able to identify and resolve the problems within a day, which was much shorter than everyone had expected.

This book is a wonderful successor to Scott Meyers’ Effective C++ and I recommend it highly.