You’ve likely heard of agile development processes like Scrum and XP. You might have even begun to implement them at the team level in your organization. What you are beginning to realize, however, is while starting an agile transition is easy, scaling agile practices across an organization is much harder. You want to achieve long-term, sustained success across your business but aren’t sure how to get started or keep it going. What you need is a way to help shift mindsets, not only for individuals and teams, but also throughout the broader organization.

In these presentations, Certified Scrum Trainer Mike Cohn looks at how to get started with the business of adopting an agile process. He introduces patterns for adoption that can guide a more complete and sustainable transition to Scrum and demonstrates how to overcome the cultural and corporate governance issues that threaten to derail your transformation. Join Mike in learning the five steps necessary for any successful transition (ADAPT). Explore the real role of leaders and managers in guiding self-organizing teams. Take away clear directions for iterating toward agility through a community-driven process that combines senior-level guidance and support with multiple improvement communities. Leave knowing what you must—and must not—do to succeed with agile in your organization.

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