You’ve heard all the hype about agile software development processes, but you are left wondering, if there’s so much to like about agile, why do some team members resist it so strongly? You also want to know how to overcome the many excuses people give for why agile can never work for them.

In these presentations agile expert, author, and trainer Mike Cohn explores two of the main reasons for resistance to agile: Waterfallacies and AgilePhobias. He explains a Waterfallacy is a mistaken idea or belief about agile that stems from prolonged exposure to waterfall projects. An AgilePhobia, on the other hand, is a strong fear or dislike of agile, usually due to the uncertainty of change. Discover the most common Waterfallacies and how to eliminate them. Leave knowing the most prevalent AgilePhobias, how to identify the afflicted team members, and how to help them overcome their fears.

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