The early agile literature was adamant about two things: stick with small teams and put everyone in one room. However, in the years since the Agile Manifesto, the increasing popularity of agile and the dramatic improvements it brings has pushed it onto larger and larger projects. Additionally, having an entire team--especially on a large project--in one room, or even one building is a luxury no longer enjoyed by many projects. With multi-team projects being the reality, you need to know how to scale and how to work with agile distributed teams.

These presentations by agile author and expert Mike Cohn explore scale and projects with agile distributed teams. Learn how to proactively manage inter-team dependencies, conduct iteration planning, and coordinate work, whether you have two teams or two hundred. Find out why you should cultivate communities of practice and how to do it. Explore the unique challenges facing distributed teams and understand how to overcome them. Gain insight into the decision to distribute a team, how to create coherence among team members, and why it’s important to get together and how to choose the best timing. Dig into details like team documents and meetings across time zones. Leave with practical advice you can begin to apply immediately, no matter how far apart your teams might be.

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