This is a wonderful and highly practical book. Within hours of putting it down I was already putting some of its advice into practice. A highly thought–provoking book, arguing, for instance, that agility is more attitude than process and more environment than methodology. Because of the complexity of today’s software projects, one new product development project can rarely be viewed as a repeat of a prior project. This makes Highsmith’s advice to favor a reliable process over a repeatable one particularly timely and important.

Interwoven into the book is a dialog between two project managers, one an agile development manager and the other a more traditional manager. Their conversations start each chapter and do an excellent job of introducing the main ideas of the chapter. Unlike many other agile books, the advice in this book can be applied to teams that are dipping their toes into agile waters or that are already fully immersed. Highsmith’s writing, full of both wisdom and anecdotes, is both informative and fun. This book is a pleasure to read. More importantly, though, you will leave this book with some very specific practices you can immediately apply to your projects.