Now Shipping Planning Poker Cards via FedEx

We are now able to ship Planning Poker cards via FedEx. We've had a lot of requests for this since taking our store live a year or two ago and the delay was the inability to get “live rates” from FedEx. A live rate is calculated on the weight, box and destination and FedEx can now do this. FedEx only offers rates in the continental US so we can't ship internationally with FedEx yet, but they are working on that. We'll continue to ship via UPS and the US Postal Service both domestically and internationally. Also, if you didn't catch the previous announcement, we now have two styles of Planning Poker cards–our branded ones with the mountain goat photos and unbranded ones with a cool burndown chart design. Those cost a bit more but that's because we sell the branded ones at a bit of a loss. You can check them out on the Mountain Goat Software Store.



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