Share a Waterfallacy; Win a Book

It seems like time for a new contest with the winner getting a free copy of Succeeding with Agile, my new book. In Succeeding with Agile, I describe a waterfallacy as "a mistaken belief or idea about agile or Scrum created from working too long on waterfall projects." And I give some examples, including these:

  • Scrum teams don’t plan, so we’re unable to make commitments to customers.
  • Scrum requires everyone to be a generalist.
  • Our team is spread around the world, and Scrum requires face-to-face communication.
  • Scrum is OK for simple websites, but our system is too complicated.

To enter the post, add a comment to this post telling us about one waterfallacy you've encountered and how you overcame that waterfallacy or convinced someone that it was a waterfallacy instead of the truth. Let's run this contest until midnight Mountain time on next Monday, 18 January. I'll then announce winners on Tuesday, 19 January. I'll pick two winners--the entry that I personally like the best plus one that will be randomly selected. Good luck and let's enjoying putting some waterfallacies to rest!